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  Jeremy Jackman
Alastair Hume
Bill Ives
Anthony Holt
Simon Carrington
Colin Mason
The reluctant dragon
Words by David Grant
Based on a story by Kenneth Grahame

Boy: Jeremy Jackman
Dragon: Bill Ives
Saint George: Anthony Holt
Master of Ceremonies: Simon Carrington
Narrated by Richard Baker

The boy visits the dragon
The villagers and St. George arrive
Trio: I say, old boy
Planning the tournament: First he waves his spear around
The tournament
Banquet fugue
Finale: Let's begin again

Brother Heinrich's Christmas
Narrated by Brian Kay

Sigismund sings in the abbey choir
Sigismund is dismissed
Brother Heinrich and the new carol
The angels appear on Christmas Eve
Brother Heinrich writes down the Angels' Carol
Christmas Morning
The Angels' Carol and Christmas dinner

The wind in the willows
Words by David Grant
Based on the book by Kenneth Grahame

Rat: Anthony Holt
Mole: Alastair Hume
Badger: Colin Mason
Toad: Bill Ives
Magistrate: Simon Carrington
Gaoler's daughter: Jeremy Jackman
Narrated by Richard Baker

Rat and Mole meet: A life on the river
Scene at Badger's house
Toad's car
Court scene
Toad in gaol: Let me tickle your fancy
Toad's song: I've got style
The recapture of Toad Hall: Let's wallop a weasel
The banquet at Toad Hall
Finale: Home is a special kind of feeling


City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox, conductor
John Rutter, conductor
Cambridge Singers
Narrated by Richard Baker
Narrated by Brian Kay
Music by John Rutter
Roundhouse Recording Studios, London, in June 1983
Producer: Chris Hazell
Sound engineer: John Gallen
Assisted by: Neil Hutchinson
Great Hall of University College School, London, in April 1985
Producer: Jillian White
Sound engineer: Campbell Hughes