David Hurley • Nigel Short • Paul Phoenix
Philip Lawson • Gabriel Crouch • Stephen Connolly
EM Records - CD

EM Records – CD


Signum Classics



Signum Classics
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  • Hence Stars! too dim of light
  • With angel’s face and brightness
  • Lightly she whipped o’er the dales
  • Long live fair Oriana (Hark, did you ever hear?)
  • All creatures now are merry-minded
  • Fair Oriana, beauty’s queen
  • The nymphs and shepherds danced
  • Calm was the air and clear the sky
  • Thus Bonny-boots the birthday celebrated
  • Sing, shepherds all, and in your roundelays
  • The fauns and satyrs tripping
  • Come, gentle swains
  • With wreaths of rose and laurel
  • Arise, awake, awake
  • Fair nymphs I heard one telling
  • The lady Oriana
  • Hark! did ye ever hear so sweet a singing?
  • As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending
  • Fair Orian, in the morn
  • Round about her charret
  • Bright Phoebus greets most clearly
  • Fair Oriana, seeming to wink at folly
  • Fair Cytherea presents her doves
  • Hard by a crystal fountain
  • Come, blessed Byrd