Nigel Perrin • Alastair Hume • Alastair Thompson
Anthony Holt • Simon Carrington • Brian Kay

DS 37025


Side One
French Chansons

  • La guerre
  • A Paris a trois fillettes
  • Il est bel et bon
  • Allons, allons gay
  • La, la la, je ne l’ose dire
  • Faulte d’argent
  • Je ne scay
  • Je fille quant Dieu
  • Belle qui tient ma vie
  • Une puce
  • Un gentil amoureux


Side Two
English Madrigals

  • Now is the Month of Maying
  • Four arms, two necks, one wreathing
  • Hark, all ye lovely saints above
  • Since Robin Hood
  • Though Philomela lost her love
  • O wretched man
  • Weep, O mine eyes
  • The nightingale, the organ of delight
  • Come sirrah Jack ho!
  • Cruel, behold my heavy ending
  • Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone


Early Music Consort of London
David Munrow, conductor

Side One
Recording Producer: George Martin
Balance Engineer: Jack Clegg

Side Two
Recording Producer: Christopher Bishop
Balance Engineer: Stuart Eltham