David Hurley • Nigel Short • Paul Phoenix
Philip Lawson • Gabriel Crouch • Stephen Connolly

RCA Victor Red Seal



RCA Victor Red Seal
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  • Poor Roger (Street Songs)
  • Return of the moon
    • In a far-off place
    • Prayer to the new moon
    • Blue mist like smoke
    • Rainmaking with a bowstring
    • Song of the broken string
  • Oranges and lemons (Street Songs)
  • Horizons
  • Reaching out *Evelyn Glennie only
  • Lalela Zulu
    • Ilihubo (Chant)
    • Mambabo! (Wow!)
    • Lala mntwana (Sleep, child)
    • Uhambo Ngesitimela (Train Journey)
    • Egoli (Johannesburg)
    • Umdanso WaseGoli (Jo’burg Dance)
  • Green Gravel (Street Songs)
  • Giles *Evelyn Glennie only
  • Jenny Jones (Street Songs)



Evelyn Glennie, percussion

Street Songs was nominated for the 1999 CARA for Best Classical Album by CASA.

Release Date: June 16, 1998