Stephen, having been a fan of the King’s Singers in his teenage years, is somewhat shocked to find himself part of the very same group, and to being a member for well over a decade. He was born in Yorkshire, and began his musical life in the choir of Leeds Parish Church, where he sang both boy chorister and bass Lay Clerk (not at the same time!). On leaving school he moved “south” to London and accepted a scholarship at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he studied singing with Rudolf Piernay. Before officially finishing his studies, he jumped at a chance to audition with his “old time idols”, the King’s Singers, and jumped even higher when he was offered the job! Still yearning for the delights of his native Yorkshire – Tetley’s Bitter (beer!) and Yorkshire Pudding (not beer!), he now lives in Devon. His free time is spent at home with his family, but now and again he finds the odd hour to indulge himself in his solitary hobby of fly fishing (for trout, not flies!).

With the King's Singers:

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Singing outside the King's Singers