Nigel Perrin
Alastair Hume
Alastair Thompson
Anthony Holt
Simon Carrington
Brian Kay
Disc One
The Bell and the Chant
9th Century Bells
Jubente Petrus
Sanctorum Piissime Columba
O Columba
From the Heroic Age of the Gaels
Pi Li Li Liu
Airs by Fingal
Deirdre's Lament
Sanctus Ierarchia
Hac in anni janua
Romance and Fricassee
The Gowans are Gay
Ex Te Lux Oritur
The Pleugh Sang
The Golden Age
Salve Festa Dies
Dicant Nunc Judei
O Bone Jesu
The Renaissance Court
Support Your Servant
Galliarde la Roine D'Ecosse
The Golden Pavan
Come my children dear
Why Should I Be So Sad On My Wedding Day
Why Should I Be So Sad On My Wedding Day
Disc Two
The Temple of Apollo
Dic Mihi Saeve Puer
Sonata On Scot's Tunes
Symphony in B Flat
The Withdrawing Room
Drei Leider No. 1: Keiner von den Schonheit Tochtern
O would that I could see again
I will think of thee my love
In the Glen
The Concert Hall