Christopher was born in 1979 in Cornwall, the most south-western of England’s counties, but has never lived there since. The family moved to Kent after his father ended a career as a Royal Naval Officer and switched to the world of academia, which he still pursues as a professor in New Zealand. Christopher first heard the King’s Singers as a young child when “A Portrait…” was played in the car on long journeys, but never dreamed that he might one day be part of the group! His musical career began as a chorister in Rochester Cathedral, and continued as a music scholar at Uppingham School and a choral scholar at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he occasionally directed the scholar’s ensemble, “The Gentlemen of St. John’s” and also sang with “Collegium Regale” (as did Robin!). After Cambridge, and armed with a Law Degree, Christopher attended Law School in Oxford, singing in Christ Church Cathedral Choir, and qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court in 2003, working in the City of London and singing at the Temple Church (of Da Vince Code fame) and was thrilled to be appointed as the second baritone of the King’s Singers in 2004. Not only has he been fortunate enough to have performed to many people in many different countries, in venues both large and small, he has also found happiness of a different kind! Whilst on tour in America he was lucky enough to meet Stephanie, now his fiancée, and they are due to be married in the summer of 2006 in America and England.

With the King's Singers:

Singing outside the King's Singers: