Nigel Perrin • Jeremy Jackman • Alastair Hume
Alastair Thompson • Bill Ives
Anthony Holt • Simon Carrington
Brian Kay


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  • A little pretty bonny lass
  • Weep no more, thou sorry Boy
  • Shoot false love
  • Now is the Month of Maying
  • Four arms, two necks, one wreathing
  • Hark, all ye lovely saints above
  • Since Robin Hood
  • Though Philomela lost her love
  • O wretched man
  • Weep, O mine eyes
  • The nightingale, the organ of delight
  • Come sirrah Jack ho!
  • Cruel, behold my heavy ending
  • Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone
  • Sing we and chant it
  • On a fair morning
  • Oft have I vowed
  • Is love a boy?
  • Say, Love, if ever thou didst find
  • All at once well met
  • Construe my meaning
  • Lord! when I think
  • Cruel, wilt thou persever
  • Fine knacks for ladies
  • Strike it up, Tabor
  • I love, alas I love thee
  • Farewell, dear love
  • See, see the shepherds’ queen
  • Have I found her
  • Lady your words do spite me
  • Were I a King
  • Come again
  • Tan ta ra, cries Mars
  • Why should I love?
  • This sweet and merry month of May


CD Release Date: Oct. 25, 1990