Thank you for visiting!  I have been maintaining this site in various incarnations for about 15 years now, with the domain hitting the Internets on Valentines Day 1999 (unintentionally, honestly!).  This is the UNOFFICIAL King’s Singers site, kind of on the encyclopedic side.  Some might call me an anorak when it comes to the k’s, but oh well!  Tongue out

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor, started oh so many years ago as a “lab” to teach myself HTML back in the days when you wrote code by hand and it was a big thing to have a different colored background to your pages.  I’m keeping on keeping on with this site, since it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble … not that one can get into much trouble in Laramie, Wyoming!

When I’m not working on this site, I sew stuff for my Etsy shop, take care of our dogs Callie and Betsy and cats Nelson and Norman, and write and arrange music for High Plains Music.