David Hurley
Nigel Short
Bob Chilcott
Philip Lawson
Gabriel Crouch
Stephen Connolly
Lift Up

Best Pop Song

Vox One

Artist of the Year
Best Jazz Album
Best Jazz Song

Tic Tic Boom

Best Pop Album
Best Pop Song nominee

Spiral Mouth

Best Pop Song runner up

Fall from Grace
University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat

Best Mixed Collegiate Album, Songs, Arrangement, Soloist

Linda Hirschhorn and Vocolot

Best Folk/World Album nominee
Best Folk/World Song runner up

The Bobs

Best Jazz Song runner up
Best Pop Album runner up

Help for the Needy (Today)
The Fairfield Four

Best Religious Album, Best Religious Song nominee

A Song from the Fifties
Special Feature

Best Doo-Wop/R&B Album runner up
Best Doo-Wop/R&B Song nominee

'Round Midnight
The Western Wind

Best Jazz Album runner up

'Cross the Mason-Dixon Line

Best Barbershop Song
Best Barbershop Album nominee


Best Folk/World Song
Best Folk/World Album nominee

Angels We Have Heard On High
The Heebee-jeebees

Best Holiday Album runner up
Best Humorous Song nominee

Da Vinci's Notebook

Best Humorous Song

El Paisanito
Canto Nono

Best Folk/World Song nominee

Joseph Rheinberger

The King's Singers

Best Classical Song

Tonight, Eternity Alone
The Concordia Choir

Best Classical Album
Best Classical Song runner up

Hymn to the Mother of God
The Dale Warland Singers

Best Classical Album runner up
Best Classical Song nominee